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I have NO IDEA what to play like.

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...Well that's not really true. 

So far I have narrowed it down to Female (always) Not-Dwarf. Not-Whatsthehaflingscalledinthisgame. 


Which is what I do in all games, always.


I am leaning towards a female Nature-Godlike (because they look cool and stuff), but what class? What background? Going crazy here.



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Paladins are interesting - your reputation and actions impact on your abilities, tied to the behaviours your order espouses. They are nothing like goody-two-shoes D&D paladins.


All of the orders are different, find one you like and see if it fits with the character you want to play. They are pretty good in combat too.


I've got a Darcozzi Paladini character - this encourages you to play a good-natured, witty musketeer-type character which fitted with my dandy Vailian aristocrat concept. OTOH you could be a badass Bleak Walker (sort of evil) or a more traditional Wayfarer (who are like good Samaritans).

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I think for my NEXT playthough I will do a Death Godlike Pale Paladin. Seems to fit to a tee. 

And the next one after that... I think I'll go off the rails and go with an Orlan Bearshifter, because  that would be fun.


This time though... I think I'll go Nature Godlike, but druid seems too... obvious. 

Barbarian? Paladin? Fighter? or Wizard?


Also, need to find another portraits for a green girl with horns. The one they have looks like a deranged furry with drug issues.



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I'm considering rerolling as a fighter and I never play fighters, so there's that. The only thing keeping me from it is the fact that there are no rogue companions, I want to learn as much about each class as I can in my first playthrough.


Paladins seem interesting, maybe that?

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