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Few small issues/ideas (low priority)



Hi just few very small issues/ideas


1. Windows/application switch (alt+tab on win or cmd+tab on mac) doesnt work. Minimizing the game works, but it will be nice to have also this feature


2. Audio

Sometimes is happens when I have conversation with my party member on some screens there is no voice audio and on others there is. Not sure if those lines were not recorded or if it is an issue


3. Inventory

I noticed that items are not automatically grouped in inventory. Example you have limit 5 for lockpicks. And if I have for example 3LPs and add one more it is separated in my inventory. In this game it is not a big deal as we have unlimited inventories. But still if there would be option to auto group items I would like it.


4. Screen zoom

I have noticed when changing areas my screen zoom resets to original which is too close for me. Is it possible to "lock" the zoom so I dont have to change it every time?


5. Buying in shop

When I try to buy item I would like to compare it with item in my hand. Example weapon stats from shop and currently equiped. This doesnt work, shows only shop item stats.




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I agree with everything you said, especially the audio part. I had a conversation between members of the party, and could only hear them when they were on screen, I still could read their chat in the chat log.


I'd just like to add that in my opinion, some UI quality of life improvements are in order.

Here are a couple of things that I think would improve gameplay:


1. When I want to select my entire party except one member, it would be nice if I can shift + click to de-select him specifically.

2. I'd also love it if I could open a proper compare window between items, have one item "set" to compare to, and a changing window between other items I click, so I could compare multiple items to that set item.

3. More tooltips for ability descriptions on items. For example, the shield "The Larder Door" you get after completing the blacksmith quest in Gilded Vale states: Grants: Bash, and I couldn't find anywhere in-game what does it do, and I had to Google to find out what it does.

4. Same items in different weapon sets. It would make it alot of sense game wise if I could set the same shield to more than one weapon set, so my warrior could have the same shield, and only change his weapon.

5. Make spell windows "sticky". I try to cast a level 1 spell, so I click that icon, or mouse over it, to see the list of spells. But if I accidentaly hover over the level 2 icon, it changes to level 2 spells, and the icons are very close together and it happens quite frequently.


I don't know if these things were suggested before, maybe considered and rejected, just a couple of ideas I felt would make the game and UI a bit more player friendly, I have more, but I didn't want to spam with a wall of text :)

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One more from me



There is few second delay after fight when I can start collecting items from dead enemies. Sometimes I have to move my party to be able to click on dead body. It would be great to reduce the delay

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