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Bug: Wolf companion disappeared ->Stuck


Dear developer team,


I just encountered a severe bug that keeps me from moving further in the game:

In caed Nua, my wolf companion disappeared after reloading a saved game (after I died fighting Maerwald).

Now, I cannot leave the hold, because it is said that I have to assemble my party first (i.e. also the disappeared wolf companion…). Now comes the tricky part: the wolf companion is also gone in all of my other savegames, thus I am completely stuck…

I saw that some other people encountered this as well...

Hope you can help me out,






Here is a dropbox link to the saved game:




...and the link to the output log:



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Dont know if this will help you or if i was just lucky..


But i had the pet bugg too on all of my saves.. cloesed down the client an could not start it again with the .exe, recieved a getthreadcontext error.. so i tryed to lauch it with the "Launch Pillars of Eternity" shortcut that was in the folder an it worked again.. both save an game.. hope it helps an it wasnt just me that was lucky



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This bug happened to me. Luckily it was early - just an hour into the game, but this is so scary because you won't know it happened until you reload your save, and if all you have is auto/quick saves, you may be SoL. I just make a new save after every new map change now. At worse, if this happens again, I only have to redo an entire area only. But this **** is so scary. I hope Obsidian fixes it soon... same goes with the double-clicking of items to replace them, only to lose your passives and other bonuses - that is scary too.

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