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Raedric's Hold - can't get to Raedric.



Hello everyone,


I'm in a bit of a pickle, as it seems I cannot progree any more in the Raedric's quest line. I'm in the castle (forcefull entry), I killed every living soul in the hold (exterior and interior on all the floors), but there are still three doors that require 5 and 8 skill to open and there seems to be NO key for them. None of the NPCs has dropped any, there is no secret stash where it's hidden (I've been up and down the floors several times, quite unlikely I'd miss it).

So how the hell can you open those doors? Was I supposed to get a drop from someone (a drop that did not happen)? There was an option in the dungeon to let the animancer live and help her in exchange for a "secret passage", but... well, I she got the axe to the head so this route is closed.

Can anyone help with this?

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