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Temple of Woedica + Godlike?



So, I went through the Catacombs to reach the Temple of Woedica. Along the way, I collected a Woedica Hood, which seems particularly important, since once I reached the Temple, I was required to sneak into a ceremony being conducted. One catch - my primary is a Moon Godlike! I can't wear a f*cking hood! 

Do I have to resort to just killing everyone within the ceremonial chamber? That seems like my only option. Which is completely against how I've played the character so far, and I feel like I may miss out on some of the storyline if I do so. Any help? Has this been addressed? Do you plan on patching it? Like, soon??

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Alright, so, just to be clear (and thank you a lot for pointing this out, Corhakil, I would never have found it out myself) you cannot don the hood before reaching the door (the inner door, past all the mercenaries) to the Temple of Woedica if you are a Godlike.

As you approach the door, make sure that you have one of the hoods (I only managed to find 2; one from the initiate that died in the sewers and one from the initiate in the Temple that is practising stuff) in your own inventory or in the Stash. If anyone else is wearing it, you are SOL.


Then you will be able to don it.

They really should've separated between masks and helmets, and let Godlikes wear masks, but not helmets. This is just stupid. So very, very stupid. Can't wear helmets... except in cutscenes, I guess. Bah. Hope they fix this.


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