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Options for Slow Readers?

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Hey, i'm really enjoying the game so far. A few problems/nitpicks but certainly thoroughly enjoying it. Congrats, Obsidian  :yes:


However, one of those nitpicks I'd like to see addressed in some future patch is to slow down the time when those pop up texts disappear. 


I love reading these things that add flavor to the world with the beautiful descriptions but unfortunately I'm a slow reader  ;( When I try to read it at a faster rate, I don't absorb as much than if I read it at my own pace. And this screenshot is an example of one where I had to click the same prompt three times so I can properly finish it. The long description text boxes tend to take 2-3 clicks until I can properly read it all.


Hence why I would like to ask if Obsidian can add an option to slow down the time for these text boxes to linger around. I suppose you can have a text box that won't go away unless you close them by pressing on the 'X' button in the corner but either way, I'd really appreciate it if this option(s) was available  :yes:

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