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[Bug] Burning damage from Flame of devotion doesn't caculate correctly



The burning damage of FOD should be either caculate before DR of after DR, but neither one is correct in game.

As shown in the figure below,




We can see that the Burning damage is not:

31.4 / 2 = 15.7 (before DR) or

27.4 / 2 = 13.7 (After DR), 

It's (31.5 - (10 / 2) ) / 2 = 13.2 (Minus DR/2 and ignore dr bypass),

I have already tested several times and I am sure the current fomula is Burning Dmage = (Raw damage - DR / 2) / 2, and even if your weapon have DR bypass, as we can see the the picture, my arbuquse has 6 DR bypass, it's not in the formula unfortunately, I think there are some bug in the caculation so I post this as a bug.

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