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Your Custom Characters Continue To Level Up, Right?

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 This is probably a really stupid question but custom companions that you purchase in an Inn will continue to level up with you (but one level lower) as they stay in the party correct? I just think it's kind of weird that you can buy a companion at different levels, does that mean that they stay that level forever and don't continue to level up? Like if I buy a 2nd level companion, is he always going to stay level 2 no matter how many times my PC levels up while he is with me?

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From what I see, they act as if you picked up a party member of that level. They get their share of the xp, and level up when appropriate.


Yeah, that seems to be the case. Bummer, I thought they leveled up when you level up, just one behind. I just went into an inn and bought a companion at first level since I'm at second level. I got to sleep, have a dream about The Watcher, I wake up and I'm level 3, while my companion is still level 1 with about 170 exp. Sigh.... If I had known I was going to level up after sleeping I would have waited until after so I could just purchase the companion at level 2. Urgh.

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