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Hear hear! Although I am sad more people aren't afraid of my Death Godlike.

The Adventures of Abattoir, my Pillars of Eternity Let's Play! Following Abattoir, an Aumaua-sized Death Godlike Cipher who wishes to prove to the world that Death Godlikes can be trustworthy and helpful, while getting caught in some terrible circumstances.

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Im about 10 hours in still haven't got to the main city yet lol..My party as follows Paly, ranger, monk, druid, chanter, mage..Although im hopeful to try a cleric out..Need different aoe spells for the mage..Like fireball but being im only lvl 3 atm..Its probably a higher lvl spell lol..Fights are very challenging..Very well done so far..My only gripe i miss my healer healing lol..I understand that endurance means a lot in the game though..Still healing would have been better lol..

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