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Bug: Item description windows stuck (horizontally)



Hello everyone,


I encountered another bug where the item description can no longer be moved freely within the screen but stuck horizontally either in the middle of the window or at the bottom.

Interestingly I could only produce these bug with "books".


Additionally to this, it once happened that the item descriptions stayed opened though the inventory window had been closed.


It was not possible for me to upload files here (Error This upload failed), that's why I uploaded two screenshots and a savegame on DropBox: Attachements



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To add: I just noticed that changing the font size has an effect. It's strange. It seems like longer books tend to be more likely to be stuck further down the screen, to the point where with the longest ones you can just make out the top sliver of 'parchment'. If you decrease the font below 100%, the lower you go the higher long books will open on the screen, until eventually at 70 *most* will open in the middle of the screen. The opposite applies. Turn up the font and longer books will be invisible, hidden below the screen, and shorter books that used to appear in the middle will open lower down.


I'd originally wondered if somehow my gedosato downsampling was doing it (even though it worked fine before), but no. Even without it the problem exists.

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I've got this exact problem. Most books stick to the bottom of the screen, cut off. They can only be moved horizontally. It tends to be books, though scrolls sometimes open in random places


(Why doesn't right-clicking again close the window, btw? The whole system of opening/closing descriptions is awkward and broken)



This is *with* the beta patch on Steam. it's not exclusive to it, however.

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