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My keep issues.




Problems with the management of my fortress.

1)1) I have accumulated more than 10,000 coins, the game ceased to pay salaries to my mercenaries as if I have no money. I think this problem appeared after I accumulated more coins 6000-8000. Dismissal and hiring them again dont solved the problem.

2) All the adventure in the fortress (large, medium adventure) do not work. Game writes that adventure need 22 hours or any other time. When you start the adventure time varies on record - 9 strokes. That's all. I missed a few weeks, but the adventure never ends.

3) After I returned hero from the adventure, he lost a melee weapon.


Steps to Reproduce the Issue:

Dont know. 





Output Log

Attached the log.


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I'm also seeing #1.  Hirelings go unpaid despite having plenty of money.  Major downside... stronghold breaking IMO: this forces you to have to go back to stronghold to defend it, otherwise many expensive, time consuming upgrades are destroyed by attacking forces, presumably because you haven't paid your hirelings properly.

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