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On my very first playthrough triggered those first traps that you come across in the starting ruins because apparently I cut a corner. I would have survived but apparently in my surprise I clicked another movement command and triggered another trap... sealing my fate. Quite possibly the most pathetic moment of gaming career. 


On my second playthrough I learned that the temple of Eothas may not be a good idea for a group of level 1's and 2's 


Third attempt was a solo run on EASY. Died to a skulder. 

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Turns out it's actually really hard to die. I keep waking up again in this mortuary with all the zombies. Please send help at once.


Getting stunlocked by monsters is usually what kills me at the moment. Apparently someone didn't get the memo that having save-or-die effects everywhere was something that could make D&D absurdly unbalanced.

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engage adra dragon, unpause, study the log afterwards.

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I see the dreams so marvelously sad


The creeks of land so solid and encrusted


Where wave and tide against the shore is busted


While chanting by the moonlit twilight's bed


trees (of Twin Elms) could use more of Magran's touch © Durance


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