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Inventory suggestion

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They are quite some improvement to be made (of course then, taking Skyrim as reference with the community's mods, guess a game on par with what is by now TES IV = quite to much time be it for a very efficient & motivated team).

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A sort by value sound like a god idea. +1


I'd also like a button to show All inventory items. As it is we can switch between weapons, armor, clothing, consumables and other - I hope an 'All' button will be added :grin:

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I would actually really REALLY like to be able to mark certain items as "trash", and to have a new category in the stash for trash.


I hate sorting through 87 different weapons in my stash, trying to figure out which ones are vendortrash and which ones are worth keeping.


So every time I pick up another Xaurip Spear, or Leather Armor, it can automatically go straight to the trash.

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