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Sometimes the voiceover starts reading before I can read the first part...

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Just started playing and I'm excited.  But I'm getting hung up on something little at first, and looking for advice.

To start with I see this for dialog.


Odema chuckles and shakes his head.  He looks at you. "Don't listen to her.  You're in good hands."


He casts a sidelong glance at her. "And I pay too well if anything."


BUT I HEAR the voiceover start reading immediately starts talking and so I hear:


"Don't listen to her.  You're in good hands."


"And I pay too well if anything."


...while I'm trying to read the first part.

So then I have to wait until the talking is done and re-read it from the start.

I assume it will do this the whole game?  I feel like this is going to take me out of the experience.  I just wish it paused a little to let me read.

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On that part, having access to the journal while in conversation would be nice (as to get back on with prior data).

Then, Dev commentary, interesting, but, most are quite to hasty/quick said, which made them quite hard to understand.

Also, it should go in the UI topic but since I cant make another post after this one :
A way to change (expand + transparency) the information box (combat + text), as fixed as it is now = quite to limited / difficult to keep track as to what is going on (exploration small, combat & some others time = expanded).

If the game was made for console, I guess it would (..) make sense, still, as it is, it is quite strange to have this many small adjustment not considered.

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