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How is DR applied against damage over time?


Is it ignored?


Is the total damage to be dealt over the time of the effect reduced by the DR once and then spread over the time period; so f.ex. if you have an effect that would do 50 damage over 10 seconds and the targets have 10 DR you'd do (50-10)/10) = 4 damage/second?


Does it absorb the DR amount of damage from the attack and then let throught the rest, so again for the 50 damage it would block the first 2 seconds worth of damage and then you'd take the remaining 40 from seconds 3-10?


Some other way?

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Bump because game has been out for longer now and maybe someone will know.

My best guess would be that DR gets applied to the total DoT damage, and then the remaining damage is dealt over time, because a 30dmg DoT that works over let's say 15 seconds still does damage to enemies with 10 DR.

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