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Crash during act transition




Game crashes/stops responding after the loading screen that comes after the transitional cutscene-recap between acts at the conclusion of the Hermit of the hadret house main questline/riots. Happens every time so I can't continue the main questline.



Savegame and computer info:




Ps: Please fix quick, my earliest game save that's not stuck in a burning city is four hours behind.

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I ran into this bug last night too and was really bummed, but I found a workaround for it similar to the Raedric's Hold workaround.


Basically, the game is trying to transition to the southern bridge area (it's too early in the day for me to be able to spell the name) and failing for some reason - so I went to the save game (on Windows it'll be in (system drive):\Users(your username)\Saved Games\Pillars of Eternity), and open the save game file up with a program like 7zip. Then look for both files with the name Bridge District in them and delete them from the archive, then load the game and try the act transition again, it should spawn you on the south side of the bridge.


If it does work, be sure to backtrack partway across the bridge before you leave - in my game a rather important conversation with Aloth triggered there, there might be others as well if you were meant to spawn just outside the gates and cross the bridge on foot.

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Yeah, same here. I get the Act 3 rolling text thingy, a load screen, and then just a black screen with a cursor. Can't do anything; if I click, the game crashes.


Since I don't really have any side missions left to do except a bunch of way-to-hard-right-now levels of the Endless Dungeon, I'm kinda stumped as to what to do while it gets sorted out. :/


Save game and stuff: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/db89hcvqwnnxk45/AABsDJPwWxgQ-Wb6rOF2UOW7a?dl=0

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