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Crash When on Loading Screen



i'm  getting a crash to desktop when loading from Caed Nua outside to what looks like a keep, its happening on all my saved games as well, basically stuck now.

here is drop box links to the files needed






please help so my money hasn't been wasted.....

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Are you serious? Please stop bumping your thread like this! With just a little bit of reading in the forum you can easily find lots of threads about game-breaking problems that affect many people. It's not just you. At least one of the crashes can happen in multiple locations. For me it's Raedric's Keep ... and it scares me like hell to even consider restarting without a first patch from the developers.


I've returned to IWDEE ... for some time... applied the new 1.4 patch and created a small party I always wanted to give a try.

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