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  1. ah ok, i do use that, i thought re-installing and then verifying the cash worked for me but infact i did close rivia aswell before the time i played and it worked. good find
  2. i was having alot of trouble entering the keep in Caed Nua, all of my new games would crash as i tried to enter and i was stuck from progressing the game any further. what i think happened to my install was a problem with steam missing a file. now i can go all around the keep no problem and can continue my game now. it worked for me anyway, here's what i did 1. delete the game using steam 2 re download and install the game 3. verify the cash using steam with out opening the game first (i tried opening the game first and it would still crash) (it had to download a file as it reported on
  3. *update* re installed, verified the game straight after the re install (without playing first) and i have managed to enter the area for the first time since i have brought the game. maybe something in it ? *edit i can now go in and out of the area at will without a crash.
  4. i think there maybe a install problem with steam as everytime in reinstall it, then verify it afterwards it allways misses one file and then says it will acquire it. how ever up till now it has till continued to crash despite getting the file (according to steam)
  5. lol, just tried a re install and can confirm that didn't work also, verified game cash using steam and it found a file missing, but still happens, tried the above msaa 0 and that didnt work.
  6. would also like to know this, it is not very good of the developers that they didn't see this coming and still have not released a hotfix / patch talk about money down the toilet
  7. still crashes every single time............ and i thought i got some ware then
  8. so i was having a CTD that happened every time i tried to enter the keep at Caed Nua, it was happening on every playthrough, i decided to verify game cash using steam and there was a file missing here is a screenie of the results http://tinypic.com/r/2yo4ete/8 i havnt tested the game yet i will do that now and see if that makes a difference. may be usefull for everyone to do the same ?
  9. FTR, i have a 3440x1440 ultra wide and it works fine, the correct resolution in the options menu, nothing streched and U.I is fine etc... but im on windows so weather that is making a difference?
  10. also is Raedrics hold in Caen Nua (or what ever it is called?) as that's when mine keeps crashing ?
  11. im also having the same problem as you, got no responce from anybody or any official help.
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