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Does Two-Handed Style Apply to Ranged Weapons?

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No, it doesn't. I just tested with the console and comparing the values before and after adding the talent to a character, with an Arbalest and Greatsword. The Greatsword gained extra damage from Two-Handed Style, but the Arbalest did not. It only applies to melee weapons.

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Ok, many thanks. I would have expected it to apply but was concerned it didn't (as it didn;'t seem to make any damage to my damage range on character sheet). I suppose it might be worth the devs elaborating that this is a melee talent only?


Thanks again for the help.

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Ya, it looks like it only works with melee weapons.


However I did notice that the talent does not update the tool tip. You only see the bonus damage in the character sheet after you equip it.


For example, the Pollaxe tool tip says it does 17-24 (base 14-20) but when I equip it my character's damage says 19-27.

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