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What am I missing -- Scrolls

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I'm not sure what I am missing. I found some scrolls that need a Lore of 2 to use. All my guys have at least 2 lore and one has 8 lore but I can't seem to use them. I'm sure I am missing something obvious but I sure as heck can't figure it out.


Thanks for the help

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Yep they are in the quick slot. I have Aloth his lore is an 8, my main guy is a Paladin his lore is 4. I have the missiles scroll says Lore 2 needed, Tanglefoot (also 2) and one other which is 2. They don't let me use them during combat and right clicking on them for details shows Lore 2 in red (as required) 


I have no idea why they are not working

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Yeah that's strange it might be a bug. I haven't had any problems using them yet. Good news is that while they help you can definitely get through the game without them (I've only used them a couple of times mostly for fun). You should make a post on the technical support forum since this is a persistent issue. 


Edit: Try to include a screen shot or video showing that they are still unavailable for use when in combat. 

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