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How do you drop equipment?

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You can’t. The only way to do it is transferring whatever loot you want to drop to any container you find.

I was pretty confused with this as well and I find unexplainable why the hell this is missing. Probably the first game I have ever played where I can’t simply discard something I don’t wish to carry (and no, sometimes I don’t want to put inside my stash).

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This is something that needs to be fixed as well in a patch, its almost like they designed that aspect as if it was an online game world.

But it is not this is a single player game we should be able to drop anything we want and see it on the ground where it was placed.

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While I agree, it's one of those things that most people won't really care about. 


My story:


I clicked on something in the beginning and it automatically put something that I found creepy in my inventory that I didn't want to carry around... but I had not choice.  

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Saying "put it in a container is all very well", but what if you are in an area that doesn't have them, like the one I'm in ATM? Do I explore further into one of the buldings, risking death at the hands at the claws of undead in the hope of finding a bin to put that thing I accidentally picked up? Or exit and go back 2 maps to find a barrel or box? Seems a daft oversight.

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