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THe pig is cute, but what does guans edge do?


searched the whole pillars of eternity forum, and nothing.


I feel like the village idiot who is the only one who doesnt know.


So please, elighten this idiot.




Nevermind, i am the village idiot.   figured it out.  this thread can be deleted.

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Its very useful on a tank, it recovers a decent amount of endurance twice per rest, basically its a rechargeable double endurance potion.

Meh. I'm level 5 and 7 levels down into the endless paths, and my tanks simple don't take much damage anymore. As long as I put a bullet in the heads of spell casters, I just rip through everything now. The game turns into tank and spank pretty quickly once you make the first could scrambles up the steep learning curve.


I also found some gloves that can do minor resto 3/rest, as the spell (so AOE), so if I need the emergency healing, I've got it.

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