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Resolve don't work with chants? How place my own trap? and %duration time



1.Resolve does not work with chants! whether I have 5 or 20 resolve points, chants ongoing dedicated length of time (4s base + 2s linger).

However, in a wiki is written:



"Resolve influences the time a phrases last, it takes the duration and the linger time for the change. but it only affects the duration of the effect and not the casting time, so it affects first the linger time. E.g.:


Duration 4s, linger: 2s, duration + 50%(Resolve 20) = duration 4s, linger: 5s

Duration 4s, linger: 2s, duration - 25%(Resolve 5) = duration 4s, linger: 0.5s"


2. I have 2 points in mechanic skill and i dont know how to place my own traps, how? using sneak mode or something?



" Traps and locks can be a problem for even the toughest adventurers, draining their resources and maiming or killing those who are unfortunate enough to trigger an unseen floor plate. The Mechanics skill makes it easier to open locks and find and disable traps. Additionally, any character can use the Mechanics skill to place traps of their own. The higher the Mechanics skill, the more accurate the trap. In conversations and scripted interactions, Mechanics can be used to activate or disable a variety of machines."



intellect bonus +5% Duration work on chants? if so how?

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The wiki is badly outdated and references a time when Resolve affected the duration of every effect. Duration is now affected by Intelligence, as stated in the character screen.Don't trust the wiki for anything, please.


For traps: put trap in quick slot, leave inventory, click quick slot.

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ok but intellect bonus dont work, if i have 0 int or 20 i have same duration of chants... 

Yes, and the durations are shown at their modified length when choosing them at level up, but never again after that. They're always base both in description and in action, which makes combining several pretty much impossible. 


Tip: You may want to edit the topic to be about intellect instead of perception now.

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