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Things I've found during my first ongoing playthrough:

- Cipher's level 2 spells Mental Binding and Mind Blades are quite broken, especially if you have 2 ciphers in the party. You can whipe out all the trash packs before your tanks even engage. Mental Binding is quite insane also, a spell that let's you stunlock bosses and root the nearby adds, a bit gamebreaking If I can say so.

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I'm not entirely sure these qualify as cheese, given that they're not really exploits, but here's a few:

1. Wizard's level 1 spell slicken is great. It's a large aoe that knocks down nearly everything, and with Aloth's absurd INT stays around for quite a while too. Abuse of it has won me fights I would otherwise not had a chance in, since you can lock down a good portion of the area, then cast a new one when the old one wears off. It stays relevant for quite a while too, it's still effective at level 7 on the 8th floor of the Endless Paths.

2. Defender mode allows for 3 engagement slots on a fighter. Given that (at least on normal), enemies stick to whomever engages them so long as another attacker isn't in melee range, this is useful for keeping all your squishies safe.

3. This one is well known from the backer beta, but a cipher's draining whip paired with a blunderbuss allows you to spam spells (I'm getting roughly 15 focus a shot). Also gives you some decent damage as well.

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