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Game just starts crapping out as time passes.



Started off ok, then had the companion "NameError" bug which replaced Eder, he remains at the inn. Then the same thing happened to my ranger's bear. Then I got the companions losing their voice bug after I dismissed and added them back to the party. Then I got a bug where I remained in combat after killing everything, needed to load a prior save. Then I got a bug where all my inventory items are permanently grayed out as if I'm in combat, right after the previous bug. Then I got a bug where one of my core party members went up thousands of stat points so I had to dismiss him. Now finally I have the bug where the game just crashes when I try to change location.


I've been to literally 5 locations... Seriously, who the hell QA tested this game? What a mess and a huge disappointment...

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I have explored more areas than that and not encountered any of these bugs. There are some pretty clearly stickied guidelines for reporting bugs. It is a bit of a sad fact that even this game comes with some things which need patching, although I haven't played any game which didn't have bug fixes soon after release for quite some time. I have faith that the game will be patched, overall it seems to be working pretty well for most people as it is. Sorry to hear that you are having issues but there are more constructive ways to make posts about said issues.

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