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[508] Character in front makes Encumbered sound wrongly



[Description of the issue]

When you are in a shop and one or more characters have their inventory full, and you add an item to a character's inventory who is lower in the list, the player character still makes the encumbered sound. I guess the logic is such that the game successively tries to add the item to each character's inventory from top to bottom.


[DETAILED list of steps to reproduce the issue AND what to look for]


1) Have one or more character's have a full inventory.

2) Open a merchant interface

3) Send an item from an unencumbered character to the trade section

4) Return the item from the trade section to that character's inventory.

5) The character who was encumbered and was before the unencumbered character in the order of characters makes a sound as if you tried to add that item to his inventory


[Expected behaviour]

The item should go directly to an inventory slot of the character you took it from. I think this should be the behavior in general - an item should go back to the character you took it from, not to the first free slot found on any character.


[Other remarks / Comments]

Check out the screenshot for an illustration. If I return that dagger, it will go to Aloth's inventory but my PC will still say "I can't move now!"




On a sidenote, please add weight value and encumbrance to the game! :)

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