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Persistent Bonded Grief



According to http://eternity.obsidian.net/game/manual-errata


Rangers no longer share Health and Endurance with their animal companion. Instead, if a ranger or animal companion are knocked unconscious, the partner suffers from Bonded Grief, affecting Accuracy and other stats, until the downed ally is revived. If a ranger is ever killed, the animal companion immediately dies from grief.


I had Sagani still displaying Bonded Grief after resting the entire party, though Itumaak was clearly healthy and conscious again. I had to get Itumaak knocked out again to remove it. (I don't have any save files with the effect persisting, I'm afraid.)

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Add me to the list with this problem :(


I'm going to go out and let my pet get killed again in the hopes that resets it.


Edit: it worked...though my wolf nearly soloed the troll I sent him up against so it took a while :)

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