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how important is it to have 6 characters in the game? I'm in the early stages in a find combat to be very tedious and tough but I only have 4 characters I do however have money to get other characters and I was thinking of getting 2 more? Is there a character that the healer because that seems to be my downfall because you can only carry for camping supplies? the type of healing I need to someone that can remove the maimed effdct.

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The only way to remove the Maimed effect is by resting. Healers can't do it. Healing magic can only restore Endurance in combat anyway; there are a few talents that can restore a piddly little amount of Health but they're really not worth the cost IMO.



Wander a bit towards Caed Nua. You'll run into someone.


I have a project. It's a tabletop RPG. It's free. It's a work in progress. Find it here: www.brikoleur.com

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