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Choosing a faction in Defiance Bay

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I used the hotfix on the previous page so that, even thoguh I have bronze beneath the lake as a quest, I was able to complete the Crucible Knights storyline. I still have the Dozens quest in my log. Can I do the quest or will that glitch the game? If the latter, is there a way to get it out of my quest log?

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Did anyone ever find a way to edit Gedmar Doemenel's conversation file to get the "The Changing of the Guard" quest to reappear and be able to be taken? I'm playing an evil character and I didn't know that taking the Bronze Beneath the Lake quest would disable me from roleplaying this way (not to mention that I've never done the Doemenel questline before and really wanted to be a completionist and see it._ Please help, I don't have the time to restart the game as I already put in over 40 hours into this playthrough.

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  • 2 years later...

If you're really desperate, here's what I did to force the Crucible Knights quest:




<NodeID> in the conversation file corresponds to <ID> in the stringtable file.



A <NodeID> in the conversation file is a point in the conversation. Each <NodeID> points to another <NodeID> so the conversation flows from one paragraph to another. What I did was:


1. Look at the stringtable file to figure out which IDs correspond with which pieces of conversation. This will be used for the next few steps.

2. Look for the ID that corresponds to the start of the quest (for Crucible Knights, this is <ID>41</ID>)

3. Look for the ID that corresponds to an easily accessible dialogue option (for me, I chose <ID>9</ID> which is "You're in charge of the Crucible Knights?")

4. In the conversation file, find a line that points to that choice. This will be <ToNodeID>#</ToNodeID> (in this example, "<ToNodeID>9</ToNodeID>"). There may be multiple of these spots, so it's trial and error.

5. Change that number to the ID from Step 2 in the conversation file (in this example, "<ToNodeID>41</ToNodeID>").

6. In the game, talk to the NPC and go to that dialogue option. Keep clicking Enter until you skip to the quest start.

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