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  1. Being able to read is an extremely large part of this game lol... If you can't finish this "wall" quickly then maybe your lack of reading skills and/or dislike of reading is trying to tell you something very important about yourself
  2. That didn't really keep from the companions in Planescape: Torment being some of the most memorable characters in video-game history. True, but that game had exotic and wacky characters around every corner, so the oddness was more normalized because the spectrum of oddness was insanely wide. If in Pillars 2 we are around mostly aumaua and humans and we don't get the chance to pickup at least a couple of them as eager adventurers (sidekicks), the world may end up feeling a bit contrived.
  3. We need more "boring" humans to balance out the game and make the unique, wacky/zany creatures and characters more special and stand out more! It's just like in life when you need some variety, like depressing lows, to truly experience the sweetness of happiness. If the majority of characters are oddballs then they won't be very memorable because their relative oddness is marginalized.
  4. And yet PS:T, BG, BG2, IWD, IWD2, PoE and Tyranny did that just absolute fine (and I'm going to deliberately exclude NWN and NWN2 from that list, let alone DA:O, KotR 1/2 and ME trilogy-apart-from-the-last-fifteen-minutes-of-3, which didn't even have any "rest"-like abilities) and collectively, all of the above are the most immersive games I've played (well maybe not NWN 1 so much). PS:T, in fact, is still, in my opinion, the best RPG of all time (and among the top three best games period of all time, alongside TIE Fighter and Dungeon Keeper 1) and in that game in was actually required some ef
  5. If, on the table-top, my DM suggested this as a way he was going to run his games, I would walk out the door so fast I would have left before he started speaking. (And I say that as quarter-century long-running DM who considers his micro-management (like making the PCs pay for their food expenses) as it is only tolerated by his players as foilable.) I'm not sure what my players would do if I suggested that to them - actually, y'know what, I'mma ask them. I'll get back to you if they don't lynch me. Ye gods, it would make Rolemaster played to the hilt look benign by comparison.
  6. I think it's important to understand that different people want different things from their gaming experiences (and even those things can suddenly change at a mood's whim or over a longer period of time - and naturally many people's desires and "fun needs" are at odds which each other, meaning that they don't even really know what they want). So to say one system is "idiotic" or "tedious" in a situation where all of these feelings are incredibly subjective/relative and while leaving out the possible pros of a nuanced system while only addressing the cons is intellectually dishonest and will ru
  7. Great thread idea! Completely agree that it's important to give ourselves and the devs some positive vibes and love in between all the waves and waves of criticism. So to the devs, thank you for putting your hearts and souls into making Pillars 2 great: the archipelago setting, the subclasses, the multiclasses, the cleaner lighting, the dynamic weather, the relationship system, (the upgradeable boat/warship), the additional companions (aka sidekicks), the longer-cast-times-but-more-powerful spells, the engaging writing, the beautiful artwork, the improved skill system, our favorite companions
  8. Well considering we know next to nothing about how this new system works I have my doubts about any "inherent" reasons you can see. Could Josh's new system fail? Of course. But without having more information and potentially seeing it in practice I think it'll be hard to say. The fact that this system could fail shouldn't stop us from trying to come up with something better than the vancian shibboleth. Regarding the multiples post, I don't believe it's against the rules (on this forum at least). However if responding to multiple posts it's generally considered good etiquette to use the "Ed
  9. Gromnir isn't a troll, he's a half-orc. Also, it's bad form to post multiple times in the same thread without intervening posts. Well it depends on how they balance it. Your scenario is a false dichotomy as there's no inherent reason why empowered and empowered spells can't both be satisfying. I can see many inherent reasons, but they all depend on the person who is playing and are all subjective, as is the classification of something being "satisfying" or not. But going by the "almost everything is subjective" law won't get us very far, which is why it's nice for people to vo
  10. Because there wasn’t enough trash encounters in PoE1… Am I the only one who enjoys killing trash mobs if the gameplay mechanics are designed in a fun way? The way most posters and Obsidian devs talk about trash mobs, you'd think the best option would be to just remove them altogether because of how "unfun" they apparently are to most people. Yet this seems like a bandaid fix to the true, more glaring issue, "Is combat itself even fun?". Personally, I don't find throwing in one unkillable super-tank into the fray who hits like a kitten while I cast mostly the same spells and use the same t
  11. Is Gromnir the resident troll? Seems a bit annoying for him to roleplay while endeavoring to soundly debate people lol... Edit: I'm all for fun and games btw, but there's a time and place for everything and it seems a bit selfish to get his in this convo derailing way. It's important to keep in mind that someone "roleplaying" as a bully is still being a bully, just as someone roleplaying a fallacy-spouting curmudgeon is still being a fallacy-spouting curmudgeon in a place where fans of Obsidian are genuinely (to varyingly, obviously subjective degrees) trying to make the game they like/lov
  12. Agreed. As "annoying" as being ambushed by monsters while travelling or resting in the WILDerness was, it made the worlds feel SO much more alive and dangerous, thus making our minds become much more engaged and thus immersed in the world.
  13. Actually I expect all spells to feel more powerful in PoE2 than they did in PoE1. Spells will increase in power as you level up unlike in PoE. In addition spells are generally going to have longer cast times that can be interrupted causing you to lose the spell and thus will be more powerful to compensate. And for the record, I'm an IE fanboy and I can't wait to dance of the grave of vancian casting. Let's hope so. They still have to make the decision(s) to balance around the empower mechanic as to either make empowered fireballs, etc, 1-shot most trash mobs or 2/3- shot while leavin
  14. The removal of Vancian casting, while beneficial for helping smooth out balancing and pacing issues, does also unfortunately remove a lot of the great immersive excitement and power one feels while playing a Wizard (or other Vancian-magic caster). Obsidian already acknowledged that most people really didn't like how weak fireballs felt in Pillars 1 compared to the Infinity Engine games, and now I'm assuming that virtually all spells will be like this while using them without the contrived "Power-Up!" empower mechanic. As someone whose favorite class has always been Wizard, I am greatly saddene
  15. Not a big fan of having one basically unkillable tank balancing in games. I think it's much more fun having off-tanks (and needing them for tough fights) so that fights and strategies don't devolve into taking every defensive talent/skill/armor imaginable for a tank and sending him in to do virtually no damage but be unkillable and an insanely OP, AI-breaking distraction (though if the AI was better at calculating enemy hp/damage ratios we could surpass this balance issue). As a hardcore tactical player, I'm also not a fan of the 5 party limit even if it is easier to balance, as easier =/= bet
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