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[v0508] Soul Whip does not activate/Modal save persistence issue



Windows/steam version.
(sorry for links, forum does not allow embedding steam imgs)

I have an issue where soul whip seems to activate (it is listed in the character sheet as active), however it does not show up next to the portrait and the attacks are not generating any focus.




On the screenshot below you can see no focus gained on attack (I had 4 focus before the attack was made). Doubt that much damage translates to 0 focus, especially it happens with each attack.
What is worse - this is persistent - restarting the game/save/PC doesn't help, it is a bug in the way modal state was saved.




As an added bonus: same issue with other modal ability, this time one a player can toggle - reckless assault. After load the ability is listed next to portrait, but there is no green border to symbolize modal being on. Trying to turn it on does not show it, but it does activate the modal again and supresses it:




If you need savefiles or any other information - let me know.
If youre another player and have another info on the issue - please post. Im out to re-do 5 levels of a dungeon -.-

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My cipher's attacks aren't generating focus either. Soup whip activate/deactivate texts show up in the combat log, but no focus generation at all.


I hope this is fixed soon. In the mean time, maybe there is some kind of bandaid/workaround to this?

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Do you have a horn that addss intelect and additional focus if endurance >50%?


If yes - bug minght be related to this item. Unfortunately the only workaround I know so far is to load a save before you equipped it.


same here. Since I equiped the Amulet 'Talisman of the Unconquerable' Soul Whip does not work anymore.

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