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Did anyone actually get documentary on steam?

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I'm supposed to have the making of documentary on steam (DLC is check marked off and everything). But for the life of me I just can't get the blasted steam servers to download it for me - I've verified file integrity through steam, re-installed the game, restarted steam -- nothing. I have all the other bonus content but the darn documentary refuses to show up in the "documentary" folder (it's just empty and there's a text file saying it will release when its done.. though I was under the impression the documentary is already released).


Can anyone confirm they HAVE the documentary on steam (and I mean actually on their hard drive, watchable.. cus steam says I have it, even though I don't).


Could someone from Obsidian tell me what I'm doing wrong? I'd like to watch it :/

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No, it will be released at a slightly later date as it will include footage from the launch party.

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