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  1. The quest "a mother's plea" is broken with the latest update. When you are told to return to Aufra with the potion and go to her home back at the town, the house is empty - she is no longer inside. Before the patch she was there (or at least was in my first playthrough), but now the house is empty and I can't finish the quest.
  2. Thought the devs should know.. if you equip ring of deflection on a character, save the game, then reload the save file, the deflection raises by +5. Save file, reload again, goes up +5 again. I only noticed this after Eder ended up with like a 300 deflection rating or something at level 3 and was basically invincible to most attacks. Sadly I had to start the game over because of this since there doesn't seem any way to reverse it. Make sure not to equip any +deflection rings unless you want an invincible character :/
  3. In combat, or out of combat.. any time I use any sort of spell or ability (like a heal, or buff), my character always shouts "It's not working!" (though it does). It's rather irritating in combat, since anytime I cast an offensive spell, or heal or buff she shouts "it's not working!". Getting on my nerves Does anyone know why this is happening? I fixed the Female Noble voice if that's important.
  4. I'm supposed to have the making of documentary on steam (DLC is check marked off and everything). But for the life of me I just can't get the blasted steam servers to download it for me - I've verified file integrity through steam, re-installed the game, restarted steam -- nothing. I have all the other bonus content but the darn documentary refuses to show up in the "documentary" folder (it's just empty and there's a text file saying it will release when its done.. though I was under the impression the documentary is already released). Can anyone confirm they HAVE the documentary on steam (and I mean actually on their hard drive, watchable.. cus steam says I have it, even though I don't). Could someone from Obsidian tell me what I'm doing wrong? I'd like to watch it :/
  5. I'm a kickstarter backer and order on the site (and on steam) says I'm supposed to have the documentary and some other DLCs. However, when I check my steam folder, the Documentary folder is empty and there's no sign of any other pdfs for the other stuff (I did however get the in game piglet and ring). I've tried verifying file integrity in steam for PoE, that didn't seem to fix it - restarted steam twice, no effect. Can someone tell me how I'm supposed to get my bonus stuff? Thank you.
  6. Played for over 6 hours today, and stopping was near impossible. Having such a great time with the story and gameplay. I couldn't be more pleased with how it has turned out thus far
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