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OpenGL 2.0 !!!


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Well, first of all, there's only one driver with OGL2 support right now, and that's a beta driver for the WildcatVP series by 3DLabs, not really hardware for gamers.

Then, there's not much in OGL2 that's not already possible with OGL1.5 + ARB extensions, the only new thing is that those extensions are now formally approved as OGL standard. That doesn't mean there's anything wrong with that, OGL2 is cool, and OGL does everything Direct3D does plus a whole lot more (because OGL supports extensions and D3D uses a fixed feature set).


But I would love to see more OGL and less D3D based games - I know, some things are easier to do with D3D, but OGL is more mature, more flexible and more portable (I'm a Linux dev, so D3D is not an issue, anyway)... And yes, it should be possible to use OGL2 in software mode, as soon as MESA supports OGL2.

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