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Light effects move with screen/camera



Not really game breaking but very annoying.
Everytime I move the screen/the camera up or down, the effects of torches, campfires, the trap puzzle, basically everything that has a lighting effect, move with the camera.
Moving sideways doesn't have the same effect.
I tried different graphic settings, nothing changes, but maybe I'm just too stupid.
So if somebody has an idea how to fix this, be my hero!

System specs are:


Windows 7 64 bit (SP 1)

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 (drivers up to date)

Intel i7-3820 @ 3.60GHz



Here are some screenshots where the effect is visible:








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I've seen this ghosting/blend problem before. It's unusual that it only seems to follow vertically, though. They didn't move when you panned the camera horizontally.


I doubt it's the issue - but have you tried to create an nvidia profile for PoE, and ensure that everything is set to application controlled. Or better yet get NV Inspector, and run it - then expand it to fullscreen, and take two screenshots of the settings. (because they won't fit on a single one most likely)

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