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Linux 64bit: game crashes after 1st load screen (char creation)





I tried to play the game yesterday, I've had my tarball of GoG - verified checksums, both md5/sha1 correct.

While I was buffled why I cant gunzip it on my GNU/Linux (format/date error!?) it worked well on another BSD system...


Anyways I managed to extract the tarball and was able to run the game, however the game crashes immediadly after I see "Obsidian presents..." when I want to run a New game - whether I use english or german ( localization ) is of no relevance here.


I tried both to start the game via the (GoG?) supplied start.sh, as well as the 64bit ELF in the game root directory - both have the same effect.

I'll attach the strace log, Im not sure if the game itself also dumps a useful log somewhere - there is no kind of output/fail safe.


In the strace log, relatively at the end you can see a std::length_error (line 4316) - as with the attitude the game crashes

this looks indeed like an uncaught C++ exception.


Im willing to debug the game further if a developer can assist?

What am I supposed to do?



Ok file is a bit big, I'll provide a link (bzip2 1.3MB):



Edit 2:

I found the unity3d log and will attach it here (log essentially says the same).



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