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My character reputation isn't displaying in the character sheet



Hello everyone,

First I have to say this game is just a bliss. Haven't had this feeling of immersion for a very long time.

I'm posting because I have a little problem though: I'm selecting some dialogue options which are supposed to affect my character's reputation (ending by [cruel] or [benevolent] or whatever), but in the right part of the character sheet, under the title "charname's reputation", "none" is still here. I don't know if the mechanics are okay, or if all my previous selections haven't been taken into account.  I don't wanna have a vegetable as a character! Hope I'm not going to miss a lot of additionnal content this way ;(

Has anyone else met this problem? How can I solve it?


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Hi pandore,


This may not be a bug. When you select the options for reputation, such as Cruel or Benevolent, you may not yet be known as a cruel or benevolent person until you have made those choices enough times for the word to spread that you have that reputation. Though, sometimes a big enough action or statement can cause your character to immediately be recognized in that manner.


I hope this helps to clarify. Please let me know if after choosing these options many times you do not actually attain a reputation.




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