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Only one word: Thanks

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As an old BG/BG2/Icewind/Planetscape loyal fan I can only say: 

THANKS thanksthanksthanksthanksthanksthanksthanksthanksthanksthanks for this to the Obsidian team. Too many years and games have passed since that good old days.

Its time to bed, tomorrow I have to work,  but I have the feeling that I should stay till 5 in the morning playing this jewel. But as a good wine I'll enjoy it little by little. 

I didnt get in the kickstarter because when I heard of the game it was too late. Shame. Never will happen again guys.


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I'll add my voice to this.


The last few months I've been playing a bit of BG/BG2 with the Big World mod and gotten into the feel of these games again. Then I got PoE up and running after coming home from work this afternoon. And It is just fantastic! :)


The ~only~ thing I regret is that I have to go to bed now. Fifteen years ago, I'd have said screw that, and carried on playing all night through! :grin: Alas, no such excesses these days. So, good night and thank you very much, Obsidian. You've done great!

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