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Creating my character - please help ; )

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Hi ! 


Pillars of Eternity is actually out, still can't believe it ! 


Unfortunately I was unable to get past the character creation, as I can't decide who to play... I guess I need your help !


I'm thinking about Fire godlike Monk with high STR, CON and DEX, but with low PER, INT and RES...

So I'm affraid that I will  be unable to pick many of the alternative dialog options.


On the other hand, I was thinking about playing Druid, but then there is already a companion druid, that I wanted to invite to my party... 

So the advantage is that I would have high INT (high dmg + alternative dialog options), but I would have to resign from taking the interesting party member. + There are no monk companions (except of self made characters, who I wish to avoid).


As you can see I've got a huge problem ; )) 


If I was to play a monk, do you think there is better option to distrubute attributes than that which I described ? 

Thanks !

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