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Best class for duel wield?

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Just got home and have the game loaded up ( man have I missed BG type games!!).  I love playing as duel wield characters, but with PoE throwing some standard DandD stuff to the wind, I was looking for some help.


Should I just go with a fighter, or can any class duel wield?  What classes would take advantage of a duel wield setup?  


Seems like I need high might and INT. whatever class I am, but other than that I'm not sure. 


Thanks for the help and opinions!



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The advantage of duel wielding is that you get fast weapon attacks so I'd get high dexterity to help with that. High Int doesn't have any direct applications for duel wielding but it's very useful if you go with a barbarian as it gives them larger aoe attacks. Any class can benefit from duel wielding. Fighters, barbarians, rogues, rangers and ciphers are all particularly good choices.

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It seemed from the boards that DEX was not very useful in most situations due to short fight length.  Does that make duel wielding pointless in a way? 


Well I haven't run the numbers on it but I would disagree. Between duel wielding itself, the bonus you get from taking duel wield style and the bonus from high dexterity you can significantly increase the speed of your attacks.


Cypher sounds fun, but if I am using skills/spells, would i have tiome to hack and slash?


As a cypher you need to hack and slash (or shoot) because you build up a mana-like resource (called focus) that powers your spells from physical attacks.


They only thing to keep in mind with a duel wielding melee cypher is that you will be pretty squishy so it's worth sending in your cypher after you lock down the battlefield with tank-ier characters.

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