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Working as Intended?

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I'm sorry if this in the wrong forum but i am not sure if this is a bug or working as intended. Started a new game on Path of the Damned difficulty and made it all the way to Valewood after the ruins. While there i came across a group of bandits, a dwarf named Tenfrith, and an outlaw. While attacking the Outlaw i notice that his health kept regenerating faster than i could damage him. I am pretty sure Tenfrith is supposed to join me in my travels after rescuing him from the bandits but i cant kill the outlaw to progress any further. Is this because of the difficulty i chose or a bug?

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Moved to gameplay mechanics.  I don't know if this is working as intended, Lucien, but hopefully someone here can weigh in on the mechanics of how this is working for you.  Good luck and happy gaming!

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