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Audio bug when tooltip is hidden...





I just started out playing Pillars of Eternity, but within five minutes of starting to play, I have stumbled upon a quite disturbing bug.


When I am still at the starting camp and one of the informative tooltips is hidden, the "paper" sound effect that plays when the tooltip goes away keeps playing like a broken record. It really destroys then whole game experience.


I am running on a Windows machine running Windows 8.1 64 bit. 

Processor: Intel i7-4790K, 32GB

Audio: Realtek High Definition Audio

GPU: 2xGeForce GTX 780Ti

Latest drivers installed.


Has anybody else experienced a similar problem?




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Same thing is happening to me.  How the hell does this bug make it out when it starts as soon as the game is run?


One thing to note, I did not notice this until after I started a second character.

My first character had been played all the way up to jsut leaving the Gilded Vale to start on the trek to see the old Watcher.


But ever since then, it happens even after restarting the game.


I really hope there is a patch system built in; I don't want to have to download a huge file again.

Maybe I should have gone with the Steam version?  If I can't easily get an update, I will have regretted not just using Steam.

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