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Some hour or two in and just wanted to...

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... say thank you, to all of you :)

Josh Sawyer.
Adam Brennecke.
Brandon Adler.
Rose Gomez.
Tim Cain.
Bobby Null.
Jorge Salgado.
Steve Weatherly.
Roby Atedero.
Brian Macintosh.
Robert Nesler.
Polina Hristova.
Kazunori Aruga.
Hector Espinoza.
Sean Dunny.
Dimitri Berman.
James Chea.
Eric Fenstermaker.
Chris Avellone.
Carrie Patel.
Matt McLean.
George Ziets.
Justin Bells.
Nick Carver.
Feargus Urquhart.
Darren Monahan.
Matt Sheets.

Mikey Dowling.
Obsidian Entertainment, Paradox Interactive, Johan Andersson, David Martinez, and many more.
Kickstarter, the invention of crowdfunding, and the communities (As far as I know, RPG Codex, NeoGAF, Reddit, Badgame and, of course, Obsidian Forums). It's been awesome. It IS awesome :D
Good Game Well Played Good Job

EDIT: *poof* I shall return, after I've delved further :D
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Hello Osvir, Hope your enjoying the game as much as me.

If any of the production crew need ego stroking, I have a few thanks to give out as well.


  Just wanted to say thanks for keeping a tight lid on this game Obsidian. No game leaks on any torrent sites before release or other such rigamarole. Been quite a few games I pre-ordered that damn pirates got to play before me, and I'm quite happy with how things turned out with Pillars.


Cheers, and keep up the good work!

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