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BUG: Lost Attribute point when assigning Culture (Char Creation)



UPDATE: THIS IS NOT A BUG. The Aedyr culture is pre-assigned. This is not obvious when building your character, but you haven't lost a point - you're just moving one around.




Pretty sure this is a known bug and I hate to be 'that guy' but seriously, how can a game ship with a net-negative attribute point in character creation? 


Is there a workaround for this, because I'm not aware of one. Let's hope that day-1 patch is coming.


For clarity's sake:

You must get your culture assignment right the first time in to that screen. If you move back to the Culture screen, even after re-setting your attributes, the culture selection will 'stick', and if you change your culture setting it will add the corresponding attribute for the culture you selected AND take one away from the 'stuck' one selected prior.




Go to culture screen, select a culture. You see in this screenshot that 'Rauatai' is already selected for me ('stuck') , but my attributes are the same from the previous screen - the Con +1 that Rauatai provides is not applied. I have no attribute bonus.




Yet, when I select any other Culture, -1 is taken from Con and I get the +1 elsewhere, shown here 




I am starting the character over to verify that this is even working properly on the first run through the screen - which seems likely. Just a sloppy bit of missed logic on the screen transitions. Pity.

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The Aedyr culture Resolve bonus is already applied at character creation. That's why it's +1 and -1. They never got around to changing it unfortunately.


Edit: Looks like in the full game it pre-selects a culture for you, so the Rauatai CON bonus would already be applied. You'll know if it is if your max CON is 19.

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Just verified, yes you are correct the Aedyr culture is pre-applied - I didn't realize that. Slightly counter-intuitive from a workflow perspective, but thanks for straightening that out for me guys. Cheers!

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