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Is there a CE unboxing video yet?

Yes, but only in german:


oookay.. I got an email a few days ago and was happy!  But I get my stuff today and it included the Mouse pad, t-shirt, postcard and soundtrack add on...  So I am still waiting on the empty CE box?  Why not send them all at once?  I'm just checking to see if it was the same for others, or whether I should be worried that they don't actually have my CE box.  On the shipping note and email it did not mention the box.


Also slightly disappointed the soundtrack is in a cardboard sleeve, rather than a proper plastic case, but oh well.... That XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXL T-shirt fits great though!

Same situation for me, except that I chose the playing cards AddOn! (they are quite nice, very good colour scheme! )

Idea: The Box will include the Manual, the postcard, the cloth patches, the map and the little notepad we get as an apology for the delivery circumstances and the so far missing MakingOf! 

And yup, the Ulta-Xtra-Super-Mega-Dupa-Specialsized T-Shirt seems not only big, but also great! Good printing quality!  :dancing:  :thumbsup: 

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