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The reviews for this game...

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...are *extraordinarily* positive. PoE is in many cases being more glowingly reviewed than Divinity and Dragon Age last year, both of which are superb RPGs.


This is an immense achievement for Obsidian. They're breathing life into an approach to this genre that simply couldn't get itself greenlit and published five years ago. If anyone wants to reassure themselves about the promise and potential of crowdfunded game development post-Godus, this is where they should look.


I'm so proud of the team, and I'm really excited to spend waaay too much time playing Pillars of Eternity.

Happy times. 

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Well, to each their own. And yes there's always grade-inflation with AAA titles. DA2 didn't win anyone's 'game of the year' prize, which I actually think is quite a good long-term measure (DAI won loads of those, and is certainly the better game). 


When a game gets glowing responses from principled sites that don't use grades or scores in their reviews - Eurogamer, RPS - that's also a sign to pay attention.

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