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Will physical copy include disc?

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It will, but it won't arrive as soon as some of the other possible physical items you ordered. At least that was my understanding. Someone with a better memory ought to know for sure.

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They are supposed to be shipping the disc separately from the rest of the physical rewards due to not being able to press the discs in time to have them shipped by release date.


Edit: To be more clear, they are shipping everything but the disc first in order to get all the physical rewards to backers by release. Then, shipping the discs when they are pressed with the final game data.

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In the case of people just getting the retail box, we're just shipping the retail box when it has the disc ready too. Other rewards that were added on would be shipped now though.


For anyone with a CE, Paradox is shipping those without discs initially, and then will ship the discs later.


We thought shipping an empty retail box with basically nothing in it would be weird. :) Sorry for any confusion.

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