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-Ranged build for ranger with Kana for the chanter chant sure handed Ila.


-Either Wood Elf for the accuracy talent or Death Godlike for extra damage to low health adversaries.


-Go mainly might and dex for more damage perhaps more on dex if you plan to use high damage range weapons. (Ymmv though because maybe marked prey and wounding shot  will get the buff they deserve and make int useful, as well as the bonus int will give to the rangers level 9 available ability binding roots)


-The ranger takes: bear, wounding shot, resilient companion, swift aim, swift and steady, stalkers link, marksman. (level 7)


This allows you to reload slow weapons like the arquebus really fast, you keep the bear back until Eder or your tank ties up enemies and then move the bear in from the flank to gain  the accuracy bonuses from stalkers link and work your way up the pack.


-I havent tried melee yet but it seems like a dicey proposition at later levels when enemies have presumably been balanced against the massive amount of defence Eder or any fighter can get.


-Rangers might be less optimal damage dealers than rogues, wounding shot is kind of not great ,as it does piercing dot not raw as the description says, at level 6 they seem to deal highly reliable ranged damage.


-The 1.5 reload speed on swift aim is great for the slower more powerful ranged weapons. Worth mentioning is that pentrating shots speed penalty is mitigated with swift aim the speed penalty also matters at lot less than the reload speed buff on slower weapons which can get you a lot of dr bypass. 


-Arquebus do massive damage with slaying and corrosive lash so given that the ranger also has stealth bonuses you could craft a stable of slaying weapons and always have the correct on out (not that you couldn't do this with any class though)


-For a dual wield melee ranger using 2 hatchets might be a good idea as they are inteferring meaning that they confer a +5 deflection bonus each.

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