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Hey there folks. I've been waiting the whole time just keeping my head buried and avoiding all of the information along the way to get a true surprise when tomorrow morning hits and I can play. However, I am curious about the Monk class, as it's an interesting take on a new way to utilize melee combatants. For those of you who were part of the Backer Beta phase, maybe someone can give me some input here. 

I am getting the feel that Con is only good with a class with high base scaling of Health, as Might also boosts similar attributes but adds to damage as well. So Might > Con is what I am getting out of the two of those. Adding in Deflection and DR as ways to mitigate damage and being struck, this seems logical. Yet, the Monk relies on getting hit to power his abilities.

So for folks who have played as Monks, would the assumption that you want to pump Might first, then Con to stack your Health/Endurance as your goal will be to accumulate damage in order to power your Wounds/class abilities be correct? Further, if so, where else would attribute points go to ideally? Resolve for resistances to Interrupts and Deflection so you can avoid some hits too along with the Will boost? 

I understand from reading some posts here that the Manual and the Wiki are outdated, so coming to folks with in game experience for information rather than those. Would be nice to just read the materials out there and know what is going on, but if they are wrong, leaves me in a pinch to make an informed decision when I start up a game tomorrow. Thanks!

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IMHO a fire godlike Might/Dex monk is the absolution of DPS and retaliation. The thing is the monk NEEDs to get damaged in order to charge his abilities, so you'll always be on the verge of going down with just enough edge to prevail. Playing a monk is very responsive and intense, you won't regret it.

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Thanks, yeah, I liked the knifes edge balance concept and want to test it out. I was wondering on that. Whether Might+Con focus was the best, or Might+Resolve or Might+Dex. I wouldn't want to crank up Deflection, as if I'm avoiding being hit, I am not taking damage and gaining Wounds to power my abilities. Leading me to thinking that Might+Con would be the priority to make me be able to soak hits. Then the Dex for speed to attack faster, and finally Resolve for defense. 


I think it would be a hard mode option for a first character, without needing to select hard mode/path of iron/etc on my first run through. However, there's lots of interesting choices to go through. I may have to try this class as a secondary character option when I start forming my party. 

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