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Alright, so what exactly is the motive for this discussion, any way? I mean, are we discussing this to reach some clarification on the issue at hand, or are we just chasing our own tails?

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No it was on the kickstart chat/comments when the devs first posted the game and were still deciding what the tear rewards etc would be, I was a first day backer  and the devs were on kickstarter a lot at the beginning, I said it would be good if backers got to play the game a few days early and one of the devs said that kickstart early backers would get the finished game before normal release, not beta just get the game early, its not a big deal its just annoying when you have waited years with false info in your head.


@Madpaddy the Kickstarter comments should still exist, if you're saying that Obsidian explicitly promised to let backers access the full game earlier than anyone else, go find the comments and screenshot/link them so we can see some proof. Without that there's no reason for anyone to believe it, you could easily be misremembering (no offense intended, human memory is fallable after all). I haven't heard a single other person mention this before.


It seems somebody here learned a bit of epistemology. 

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